RFC 0: DASXFFAuthor: Thomas DownDate: VariousThomas proposes recasting DAS as a series of web-based services using industry-standard technology such as WSDL, UDDI, and DAML+OIL. Also see XFF format.


RFC 1: A coordinate mapping service for DAS/2Author: Lincoln SteinDate: 13 Aug 2001Lincoln proposes two types of coordinate mapping services for projecting one assembly onto another.


RFC 2: A Registry Service for DAS2 servicesAuthor: Brian GilmanDate: 13 Aug 2001Brian proposes a service in which new annotation servers can register themselves with a central registry.


RFC 3: InterService links in DAS/2Author: Ewan BirneyDate: 14 Aug 2001Ewan proposes a mechanism which allows one annotation to link to another, for example, an expression pattern that links to a gene, rather than to a location on the genome.


RFC 4: Annotation ontologies for DAS/2Author: Thomas DownThomas proposes a controlled vocabulary for feature types using a hierarchical structure.


RFC 5: DAS CachingAuthor: Matthew PocockMatthew requests a caching service to accelerate performance across slow network links.


RFC 6: Digital signatures for DAS/2Author: Matthew PocockMatthew makes the case for a digital signature system to prevent "DAS spam".


RFC 7: Segmental mapping for DAS/2Authors: Thomas Down, Matthew PocockA different angle on the comparative mapping problem. (Also see rfc001).


RFC 8: DAS Visualization ServerAuthor: Alex Rolfe <arolfe@genome.wi.mit.edu>Alex proposes to separate the stylesheet functionality from the annotation server by providing a separate "visualization server" service.


RFC 9: DASBED FormatAuthor: Jim KentJim proposes a replacement for DASGFF which is both denser and better defined.


RFC 10: Normalizing groupsAuthor: Lincoln SteinLincoln claims that normalized groups are better than denormalized ones.


RFC 11: SOAP as the standard transport encapsulation for DAS/2 messagesAuthor: Thomas DownThomas recommends that SOAP be used as the standard transport mechanism for DAS/2.


RFC 12: Queryability of data in DAS/2Author: Thomas DownThomas makes the controversial proposal that DAS provide real query facilities.


RFC 13: A Web Services Description of DASAuthor: Brian KingBrian publishes of SOAP/WSDL description of DAS.


RFC 14: Hierarchical FeaturesAuthor: Zhihong ZhangAn evolution of DAS/1 that improves handling of sequences and hierarchical features.