10 µl Filter Tips

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Pre-Sterile, Racked
10 Racks of 96/Pack
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
  • 10 µl Filter Tips
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10 µl Filter Tips | BT10 | NEPTUNE

Series: BT10 Series 10 µl Barrier Tip

Part Number: BT10 BT10.N

Graduation Marks: Graduation marks are indicated at both 0.5 µl, 2 µl and 10 µl locations Refer to product image for visuals

Tip Composition: Neptune pipette tips are made of virgin polypropylene

Tip Type: S3 - Low Retention

Filter Material: High Density Polyethlene Filter

Offered in Sterile Format: Yes

Configuration: Racked

Packaging Breakdown: 96 tips/ rack | 10 racks/ pack | 5 packs/ case

Autoclavable: No

Storage Condition: Store in a clean, dry environment at room temperature 15-30˚C


Certificates of Compliance: Each lot undergoes stringent inspection and indiviadual lot testing ensures Neptune products are certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Endotoxin-free. Visit to obtain a copy of a certificate of compliance for your Neptune product.

RNase/ DNase: Products are washed in distilled water and concentrated via centrifugation. Samples are added to previously established nucleic acid standards, incubated for one hour at 37°C, and tested on a 2% gel using electrophoresis. Products
must show no degradation of standards to pass. Test sensitivity is 10-7 Kunitz units/µl.

Nucleic Acid: Products are washed in distilled water and concentrated via centrifugation. Then, samples are added to protocol specified PCR reactions and thermal cycled for 50 cycles. A 2% agarose gel electrophoresis is used to examine experimental
samples, positive controls, and negative controls. To pass, product samples must show no DNA amplification. Test
sensitivity is 10 ng.

Endotoxin/ Pyrogen: Products are tested for endotoxins by using the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) gel assay according to FDA guidelines. Test sensitivity is 0.06 EU/ml.

Sterilization: Products are sterilized using electron beam irradiation.

Traceability: Each product contains a 5 digit lot number located on the rack, pack and case of each finished good. With Nep-tune’s advanced manufacturing process all raw materials are able to be traced for maximum quality assurance.


S3: Neptune’s exclusive S3 polymer was designed to increase pipetting accuracy by virtually eliminating tip retention and
sample hold-up.

ESP Reload: Neptune’s ESP (Environmental Sustainable Pack) was the industry’s first pipette reload system designed to minimize plastic waste by 90% and provide an environmentally friendly solution.

Aerosol Barrier Tip: Specifically enginerred to reduce cross contamination.


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