abm | High Speed Micro-centrifuge | Q5140

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24 x 1.5 ml Rotor
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ABMGood | Q5140 | High Speed Micro-centrifuge

abm's High Speed Micro-centrifuge has a speed range of 100-15000 rpm with an accuracy of ±10 rpm. It also has a maintenance-free frequency induction motor, and a microcomputer which can control the speed, timing, and relative centrifugal force. This centrifuge can withstand chemical corrosion with its high-strength main engine and rotor material, and has the ability for unlimited high temperature sterilization. The centrifuge has sealing function and a sealed angle rotor head equipped with a rotor cover to prevent contamination of the sample. At the end of centrifuge run, the cover automatically opens to prevent sample overheating, and sample retrieval is made easy.

Rapid acceleration with exceptional control
  • Reach up to 20,000 x g in just 16 seconds
  • Speed range of 100-15,000 rpm, adjustable in increments of 100
  • Comes with a fixed angle rotor that can hold 24 x 1.5 ml tubes
Simplify routine operations with easy-to-use controls
  • Turn a knob to quickly change parameters
  • Push a button to easily convert between RPM and RCF
Warranty & Certifications
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • ISO 13485:2003, CE, REACH, and RoHS certified

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