BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Homogenizer

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  • BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Homogenizer
  • BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Homogenizer
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BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Homogenizer, 230V from Benchmarkscientific

Cat Number: D2400-E


  • Fast, efficient homogenization in about 35 seconds
  • For all sample types, from soft tissue to bone
  • Mix up to 24 tubes simultaneously
  • Sealed 2.0ml tubes - eliminates cross contamination


Motor supplies and noise maintenance-free operation.

A suitable starter kit (D1032-SK) can be found to accommodate a wide selection of sample types and maximize software.

The steel tubing carrier subjects around 24 samples 3D movement, into an higher speed, generating energy effects involving micro-beads and the samples to discharge contents. To safeguard delicate, heat sensitive samples, the device may be programmed to function in cycles that were shortened using a rest interval in between. As much as 50 applications remembered for future usage and can be kept in memory. A lid allows for visualization of samples and comes with a lid lock which prevents opening when that the BeadBlaster is in performance. Benchmark provides an range of tube fittings for many different sample types. The favorite kits comprise, heat treated, zirconium beads that are coated. The beads have been all tested to be free making them perfect for molecular biology software. The BeadBlaster™ grinds 24 completely lyses and homogenizes a number of samples. The resistant and toughest samples are homogenized, frequently.

Technical Data:

  • Speed Range: 4.0 to 7.0 m/s (0.05 m/s increments)
  • Capacity: 24 x 2.0ml
  • Cycle Time: 1 to 90 sec. (up to 90 sec.)
  • Pause between cycles: 0 to 2 min. (1 sec. increments)
  • Max, cycles per program: 10
  • Program Memorys: up to 50
  • Accel. / Decel. Time: <2 sec. / <2 sec.
  • Noise Level: <68 db
  • Dimensions: 11 x 14.2 x 15.2 in.
  • 28 x 36 x 38.5 cm
  • Weight: 55 lbs / 25kg
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Electrical: 100 to 240V, 50-60Hz

Ordering Info:

D2400-E BeadBlaster Microtube Homogenizer, 230V Prefilled Tube Kits (2.0ml screw cap tubes), Pack of 50 (non-skirted with caps)

D1031-01 Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.1mm

D1031-05 Standard Glass Beads, Ø: 0.5mm

D1031-10 Standard Glass Beads, Ø:1.0mm

D1032-01 Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.1mm

D1032-05 Triple-Pure Hig Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 0.5mm

D1032-10 Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 1.0mm

D1032-15 Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 1.5mm

D1032-30 Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Ø: 3.0mm

D1032-SK Triple-Pure High Impact Zirconium Beads, Beads, Starter Kit, 10 each of Ø: 0.1. 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 3.0mm

D1033-28 Stainless Steel (Acid-Washed) beads, Ø:2.8mm

D1034-28 Stainless Steel (Acid-Washed) beads, Ø:2.8mm in 5ml Tubes

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    higher quality

    It was very easy to use in covid. I appreciated how quickly I got my results. I would recommend it.

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