chemiPRO XS Chemiluminescence Imaging System

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  • chemiPRO XS Chemiluminescence Imaging System
  • chemiPRO XS Chemiluminescence Imaging System
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The chemiPRO is our complete solution for chemiluminescence and fluorescent western blot imaging. Featuring a highly sensitive cooled CCD Camera with high quantam efficiency, for detection of picogram level proteins, this system can image both conventional ECL style chemiluminscence blots and fluorescently tagged proteins of antibodies with the optional fluorescence module. chemiPRO XS features enhanced sensitivity and resolution cameras of 6 or 9 megapixels as well as a reduced footprint for space saving.

Complete Systems : Include Darkroom and camera as standard. All systems include aquistion and analsys software license free.

Options : 


  • Transilluminator (20 x 20cm; 302nm) 230V, 50Hz with runners,
  • LED Lighting option covering Red, Green and Blue,
  • LED Lighting option covering Red, Green, Blue and InfraRed,
  • LED Lighting option covering Red and InfraRed,
  • LED Lighting upgrade RIR to RGBIR,
  • LED Lighting upgrade RGB to RGBIR,
  • Short pass [516 - 600nm] (SW06),
  • Filter for Licor multiplexing 800nm,
  • 525nm Filter (range 516-539m),
  • 605nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 594-610nm),
  • 705nm Filter for Multiplexing (range 700-720nm),
  • Viewing platform for blots,
  • Visible light converter,
  • Blue slimline LED transilluminator, 10x12cm + sliding tray,
  • Safe stain filter to work with blue light converter (gelPRO/chemiPRO),
  • UV to Blue Light converter, Size 21x26cm, suitable for safe dyes,
  • Neutral field screens for UV neutral fielding (1 blue, 1 frosted).,
  • Mitsubishi Digital Thermal Printer,
  • Mount to attach monitor or touch pc,
  • UV Blocking Shield for gelLITE and gelONE

Spares : 

  • Thermal paper, Matt, 1 roll,
  • Thermal paper, Glossy, 1 roll,
  • Short wave tube, 8W, 254nm,
  • Medium wave, 8W, 302nm,
  • Longwave 8W, 365nm
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