nUVaClean™ UV Pipette Carousel, with germicidal UV lamp, 115V | P5590

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nUVaClean™ UV Pipette Carousel, with germicidal UV lamp, 115V | P5590 | MTC Bio

Extended Description: Whether your lab is focused on cell culture, microbiology, molecular studies or PCR, you use extra care to prevent DNA and microorganism contamination. But even though you use gloves, sterile plastics and take all the proper precautions, your pipettes are used over and over, often by multiple technicians, and can easily become carriers of stray DNA, mycoplasma or other contaminants. The nUVaClean Pipette Carousel from MTC Bio can help! This new pipette stand is the first of its kind, utilizing a germicidal UV lamp, which serves to disinfect and decontaminate your pipettes in a 28 minute cycle. The enclosed housing of the nUVaClean Pipette Carousel rotates freely and contains a 360° reflective mirror with a central 254nm lamp that, when activated, expose the entire shaft of each pipette to UV radiation in order to eliminate microorganisms and stray DNA. Tests show that up to 99% of nucleic acid and microbiological contaminants are inactivated or destroyed after a single Auto-Decon cycle.

Shipping Dimension (Weight in Lb (pound), Length in inches, Width in inches, Height in inche): 3, 8, 15, 8

UNSPC Code: 41121517

Country of Origin: USA

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