Clarity Lite | C40

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Simultaneous data acquisition from up to four signals (detectors) attached to one chromatograph.
There are extensive possibilities for modifying chromatograms. The chromatogram can be changed by entering global parameters or interactively, through the direct graphical modification of the baseline.
Simultaneously displays a virtually unlimited number of chromatograms and their mathematical modification; for example, mutual deductions or derivations of any order.
Internal and external standard calculation methods, calibration of groups of peaks and reference peaks method for better identification
Automated measuring support:
Sequence tables for any set of samples with or without an autosampler.
Automatically displays, prints, exports and starts other programs after completion of measurement.
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  • Clarity Lite | C40
  • Clarity Lite | C40
  • Clarity Lite | C40
  • Clarity Lite | C40
  • Clarity Lite | C40
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Product Type: Chromatography Software

Clarity Lite provides data acquisition from one chromatograph with an analogue output. Simplified and inexpensive solution for a non-regulated environment.

Up to four signals from a single chromatography system (sharing one common timeline) can be acquired. Only one compatible A/D board/converter could be used. Its use is also limited to a non-regulated environment because Clarity Lite does not include functions for 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy. Clarity Lite is an ideal replacement for old HPLC/GC integrators and can easily be upgraded to standard Clarity.

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