KBSP - Cable Modification

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KBSP - Cable Modification | DataApex

Customized connector, modification of our std. cables for A/D converters etc.

This item is to be ordered together with a new cable (a cable can be a part of A/D converter). Each standard cable for our A/D converter can be modified for a combination of up to 4 TTL inputs and up 8 TTL outputs where up to TTL 4 positions can be replaced by 4 Relay outputs.
Here are examples:
1x Analog IN, 1x TTL input, 4x Relay Output + 2x TTL Output
2x Analog IN, 2x TTL input, 4x Relay Output, 2x TTL Output
2x Analog IN, 3x TTL input, 4x Relay Output, 1x TTL Output
4x Analog IN, 4x TTL input, 8x TTL Output etc.

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